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C Kunin returns to Dr Sutton's field
> This is in the Hentzner's barn section. I took this to mean that
> the study
> of poltergeists did not directly relate to Sutton's professional
> field.
> MR

Dear Matt,

Hmm. I get the feeling that Charles is being a little humorous here.
He wasn't too keen on the spiritualistic invasions into his private
life back home in Zembla. And if Dr Sutton is a spiritualist healer
(who was that spiritualist back in Z?), the tone of Charles' "ever-
sagacious Dr. Sutton affirmed - on what authority I cannot tell"
expresses his feeling that the ever-sagacious doctor's field is less
than reputable.

If my interpretation is correct and Aunt Maud and the old Countess de
Fyler are one and the sayme, then Dr Sutton is their collaborator in
their spiritualistic & psychiatric meddling. The scene in Zembla, I
find, is painted in Charles' note to line 80. He does not name the
"experienced American medium" employed by the Countess, but does
mention in the next sentence "an old psychiatrist" (likened to a
putrid pear, or perfect oval?) suggesting that the two doctors who
live on the hill may be these two in cahoots, or probably one with
two adjoining fields? Or else a spiritualist in Zembla and a
psychiatrist in New Wye who share a single field?


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