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Enjoying LATH ("Perfection," "Lik")
Yes, I enjoyed LATH! One's enjoyment is enhanced when
one has read all of VN's novels.
I am glad you mention the short story "Lik", which is
a favorite of mine and would recommend the brilliant
"Perfection." Similar moods permeate both stories.

A. Bouazza

--- Steven <mcquaryq@COMCAST.NET> wrote:

> Hmmm. They're all written in English? How about
> Transparent
> Things? I wouldn't mind re-reading that in a night
> or two -- one of
> his better efforts imo. Compared to Look At the
> Harlequins... is
> there anyone who enjoyed LATH? Whereas TT has
> poignancy as its main
> emotion, like Pnin and Lik.

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