NABOKV-L post 0014081, Thu, 16 Nov 2006 19:52:39 -0200

Re: "Pale Fire" Quality of?
Don Johnson wrote: Our beloved editors ... recently urged contributors to check the extensive NABOKV-L Archives BEFORE submitting their comments (where appropriate). I would add that checking ZEMBLA as well may be profitable.

Jansy: While I was searching through old archives I discovered a very interesting posting on Pale Fire by Jerry Friedman sent in March, 2005. I feel tempted to bring it up again to our present discussion!
I wonder if we could find volunteers to assemble all the items on our List under specific headings: Transparent Things, Pale Fire, Ada, Lolita,Signs and Symbols etc and then organize them so that we can have the messages more easily available to our search, instead of.perusing the Archives. Digital resources could even help create an "Index" for various items and tidbits...

Don's suggestion about building "informative brief titles for your subject line...important for locating older information and thread continuity. Subject lines like PQ to RX are useless", is also very good.
I hope I'll remember to follow his suggestions. I often feel like "Satan rebuking sin", since I often fall prey to needless repetition, as you all may have already noticed...

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