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Re: automatism,
diagnosing a character;llycanthropy & Levantine prehistory
automatism, diagnosing a character; drugs, lycanthropy & versipelJansy: I wish it were as easy as that to reach a correct diagnosis for any kind of mental illness.
Carolyn Kunin: Of course I'm not making a diagnosis - - nor is Shade a clinical case history, just a character in a fiction by - - well, Mr U-no-hu. The literary use of multiple personality (or not) has nothing to do with the actual practice of psychiatry.
Jansy: Oh, I see. I thought the book you mentioned in your conclusions on MPD was not a work of fiction.
Carolyn Kunin: The appearance of versipellis in the EB article of course was a possible source for VN's knowledge of the word. But that would suggest he was interested in lycanthropy ...
Jansy: You might enjoy Fred Vargas 'grand-guignol' novel about werewolfs and its versipel title:
' "Have Mercy on Us all" (published first in English, but actually the second novel of the series) and "Seeking Whom He May Devour" (the first novel in the series), both have titles in English that are considerably different than the French originals--the original titles would have taken some explanation in English, but I for one dislike the practice of changing the titles in translations --the first novel deals with lycanthropy and the rural French werewolf legends in particular...'
I don't know if she also reads the EB, but there is no doubt that the theme interested her: I was informed that she is a French Archeologist writing fiction.
By coincidence I got a message today on Brian Boyd's new book.
The notice ran:
Dear Customer,As someone who has expressed interest in books by Brian Boyd, you might like to know that People and Animals in Levantine Prehistory: 20,000 - 8,000 BC (Topics in Contemporary Archaeology) will be released on November 30, 2006. You can pre-order your copy ...
Are there two Brian Boyd or is he also an Archeologist in one of his lives?

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