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Lolita-like temptress (Nishabd, forthcoming Indian film)
[Sandy Klein sends a link to another article about the Indian film Nishabd, whose director continues to assert that his film is inspired by Lolita and yet is not actually a version of Nabokov's novel. Misspellings in the original. -- SES]

"Ram Gopal Varma flirts with temptation in his latest film Nishabd. The film introduces 18-year-old Jiah Khan, playing a Lolita-like temptress to Amitabh Bachchan's much older character.

Inspired by Vladamir Nabokov's controversial story, the film explores the love between the two at all levels.

Two film versions of the Nabakov's controversial book have already been made, including one by Stanley Kubrick.

Ramgopal Varma, for his part, says his isn't an out-and-out remake: 'This is a story of an older man falling in love with a very young girl — a 55-year-old man falling in love with an 18-year-old girl. That is the story.'

'"It is not a Lolita where the story is about a middle-aged man's obsession with an under-aged, 14-year-old girl. It has definitely nothing to do with that,' adds Ramu."

Here's the link:

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