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Re: "C" "K" "S" in PF solution (tongue-twisters)
Re: [NABOKV-L] "C" "K" "S" in PF solution (tongue-twisters)Dear Alexey,

1. "I read only a few chapters of "The Philosophy of Mysticism" (1885)... and those chapters strike me, like Victor's tongue-twister, as strangely Pale Fire-relevant."

Do you read Nabokov as if he 'd been a mystic?

2. Victor's observations about Charles/Karl...I could add that Kinbote's uncle Conmal addresses him once as karlik, which is Russian for "dwarf."

Two days ago I underlined the word "fascicle" in one of VN's sentences in ADA, a term I usually associate with ...serial books. When I stopped to check, I was surprised not to find it mentioned in two of my pocket Webster's, but in the OCD it carried the meaning I had in mind, plus its Latin derivations ( fasciculus) and political applications (fascism). I doubt that VN would have overlooked these associative bunches.
Conmal's address to Charles, as "karlik" (dwarf in Russian) now made me think of another powerful grandfather addressing his heir as "Caligula" ( "little boots" in Italian). I have no idea if Kinbote "indexed" this too ( pointed with his index finger) by playing with "karlik", nor if VN's intentions were ever more than angry, but loose political allusions.

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