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Re: Query: interesting association
Dear Don,

This entry came to my attention once while I was reading the Index to compare it with its translation in Brazil ( the alphabeetical order of entries is different, Waxwing appears right at start since the bird here is named "Âmpelis" ). Something set my mind at rest and I promply forgot the "interesting association belatedly realized" - but I might find my underlined notes for you, if no one comes forth with a prompt answer.

Another associations I recently set down:
And Pythagoras was drawing the shadows of the window frames on the bright polished floor…(page 145, Bend Sinister)...
I almost felt here the flitting shadow of the waxwing slain from Shade's poem...

In BS, there are links bt. Ophelia, Olga and a "bombinating" insect (a moth).
Mariette is described as having a brownish pink "bombycina corpus".
Insects !!!
The waxwing, a bird, is a "Bombycilla" ....

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From Don Johnson

I may have missed this but has anyone figured out the last entry under "Waxwings" in the PF Index: "interesting association belatedly realized" There is no page #.

At first I assumed it referred to the "coincidence" of the waxwing being's Shade's emblem and also on King Charles' armorial bearings.
This can't be, however, since Kinbote himself calls attention to it in the text.

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