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Re: PF's knackle of walnuts
Dear Don,

The Russian word gorst', then, is the equivalent of the Scottish "gowpen"
which VN used and glossed in ADA:

"...cupped a guinea pig in his gowpen (hollowed hands)..." p. 402.

BUT cf. my earlier posting where I mention Brian Boyd's gloss of knackle.

A. Bouazza.
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From Don Johnson

Re Matt's query re KNACKLE. I think I ran this down once as a dialectical
item but can't locate it at the moment. The answer, however, is the Russian
word gorst' meaning "hollow of the hand, a cupped hand" or "a handful' I
often find it useful when pondering some of VN's usages in PF to check Vera
Nabokov's Russian translation. She uses gorst' for KNACKLE and is, I think,
an authoritative source.
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