NABOKV-L post 0014467, Fri, 22 Dec 2006 14:06:51 -0500

VN library
I really hate to post two messages in one week, let alone one day
but topics are coinciding with the very small corner of Nabokov
Studies that I happen to know anything about. From an unpublished
paper about VN and libraries...

"The Nabokov's library in St. Petersburg contained approximately
10,000 volumes, a size sufficient to require the services of a
professional librarian.4 Nabokov also had free range of his
grandfather Rukavisnikov's library at Vyra, one of the family
country estates . As Brian Boyd notes in "The Russian Years", "The
most important part of [Nabokov's] education...came from his own
reading"5. According to Van, Ada was "spectacularly self-educated
thanks to her [family's] library" 6.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep up with the citations and now need to
go back and retrace my steps as 4 in my notes says only "article
about VNs library" but I'm sure I read an article w/ above facts
and some info about the actual volumes held. I'll root around and
see if I can find the citation.


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