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Re: Zimmer tapes
Hello, List

Although we were urged to directly contact Priscilla Meyer, the Eds and Dieter Zimmer, I think that it is important that those who want to help in any way concert their efforts so that sparse news and intentions fructify into action. What's better that this List for a first exchange?
I don't know how I can help, but if instructed, I'm certainly willing to contribute with this initiative of DVD-izing precious documents that run the risk of getting lost.
Jansy Mello

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[EDNOTE: Apologies! This message was delayed because the copy sent to my email was lost in transit. It seems that there must be a way to get these tapes preserved, and anyone with the right connections or suggestions is urged to contact Priscilla Meyer, me, or Dieter Zimmer.]

From: Priscilla Meyer <>
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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 17:15:39 -0400
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Dear Dieter et al, Could we not collectively contribute toward DVD-izing Dieter's tapes? What would it cost to do, and how many of us would be willing to contribute? What would we be willing to pay to own the proposed DVD? I would certainly be eager to be part of such an enterprise. There are on-line agents willing to take charge of sales. Priscilla
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