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Fw: Query: Nabokov and Kierkegaard
EDNOTE. I don't recall any overt links (but 'hey'...) There certainly are
"negative" echoes via Sarte and possibly through the Hippius group in inter-war
Paris. For more on the Sarte connection see my article "The Nabokov-Sartr
Controversy" in Issue #1 of NABOKOV STUDIES and also my article "'Terror':
Pretexts & Posttexts" in the Barabtarlo-Nicol collection on VN's short stories.
The latter may give you somne ideas.

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VN disliked Existentialism, and all "-ism's" , to put it mildly. Here is one
reference that comes to mind. It is the first paragraph of a review he wrote on
JP Sartre's "La Nausee" entitled "Sartre's First Try" , written in1949

NAUSEA. By Jean-Paul Sartre. Translated by Lloyd Alexander.
Sartre's name, I understand, is associated with a fashionable brand of cafe
philosophy and since for every so-called "existentialist" one finds quite a few
"suctorialists" (if I may coin a polite term), this made-in- England translation
of Sartre's first novel, "La Nausée" (published in Paris in 1938) should enjoy
some success.

The complete review is on the New York Times' "Life and Times of Nabokov" web
site, at:

have fun, I did


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> hello all,
> I was wondering whether anyone knew of articles or books dealing
> with Nabokov's relation to philosophy generally, to existentialism, and
> in particular to Soren Kierkegaard. Both Kierkegaard and Nabokov
> make use of Anderson's fairy tales, and I was hoping to draw some
> parallels between them using Anderson as a link. However, I'm not
> sure whether Nabokov would have had any contact with Kierkegaard's
> works, or what he thought of Kierkegaard's brand of philosophy.
> Thanks very much for any help on this subject.
> Ben
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