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Fw: Ian Dury: Ada Lyrics
EDNOTE: The late British rocker Ian Dury (perhaps inadvertently) did for
ADA's Van what Sting & The Police did for LOLITA's Humbert ("Don't Stand so
Close to Me") For further info, see
ml where the full lyrics may be found.


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I can find no evidence that Ian Dury was a Nabokovian, but this old tune
makes a nice backdrop for reading Ada. Ian Dury wasn't all that well known.
His two most popular songs were Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll and Hit Me
With Your Rhythm Stick.

Ian Dury And The Blockheads

"F....g Ada"

Moments of sadness, moments of guilt
Stains on the memory, stains on the quilt
Chapter of incident, chapter and verse
Sub-heading chronic, paragraph worse

Lost in the limelight, backed in the blaze
Did it for nine pence, those were the days
Give me my acre and give me my plough
Tell me tomorrow, don't bother me now

F....g Ada, f....g Ada
F....g Ada, f......g Ada

Times at a distance, times without touch
Greed forms the habit of asking to much
Followed at bedtime by builders and bells
Wait ‘til the doldrums which nothing dispels

Idly, mentally, doubtful and dread
Who runs with the beans shall not stale with the bread
Let me lie fallow and dormant dismay
Tell me tomorrow, don't bother today

F.....g Ada, f....g Ada
F......g Ada, f.....g Ada

Tried like a good ‘un, did it all wrong t
Thought that the hard way was taking to long
To late for regret or chemical change
Yesterday’s targets have gone out of range

Failure infolds me with clammy green arms
Damn the excursions and blast the alarms
For the rest of what’s natural I’ll lay on the ground
Tell me tomorrow if I’m still around Ada, f...g Ada (X19)