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Re: Fw: Ian Dury: Ada Lyrics
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> >>>It is unfortunately sometimes symptomatic of this list - which
> I enjoy very much - that, in their keenness, some people tend to go OTT as
> far as VN is concerned. How refreshing to find that actually Dury was not
> the least referring to Nabokov. <<<
> I find it hard to see the preface to the lyrics (see below) in my original
> post as OTT as far as VN is concerned:
> "I can find no evidence that Ian Dury was a Nabokovian, but this old tune
> makes a nice backdrop for reading Ada:"
> Whimsical, but hardly OTT.
> He doesn't even pronounce Ada correctly in the song.
> s~Z
EDNOTE. s~Z is right. He started off by doubting the connection. I concur
that reponders sometimes do not read the original post closely. And "yes, it
is true that some of the VN & X connections are over-the-top but coincidence
can also be entertaining. Also, let us not overlook that once in a while a
seemingly wild connection turns out to be right or, better yet, wrong but
leads some one to a real, deeper, connection. I confess that I have often
dismissed posited connections that turned out to be right.