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Fw: Natt och Dag Pale Fire
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> << If you claim that Natochdag or Natogdag or Netochka is a major
> in Pale Fire, please provide some evidence, since he appears to be a minor
> actor. Miss Natochdag is a major character in one of Isak Dinesen's Seven
> Gothic Tales (The Deluge at Norderney) and Netochka Nezvanova, also
> is a major character in a minor work by Dostoevsky. >>
> Netochka may not be a "major figure", but he is an interesting presence,
> semi-presence. I wrote a piece about him and his name in the Nabokovian
> time ago, but I can't remember the issue number, and have lost it under a
> heap of other publications.
> Charles Harrison Wallace