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Fw: Quilty's name: The Poetry of Being Quilty
EDNOTE. From the well-known writer, poet, art critic, Zogist, and
Thomas Bolt a.k.a. "b0sh0tmalt "<>
> 1.
> I was recently in Rome, where men of a certain class (political,
> professional) are still wearing the same diamond-quilted jackets
> they were wearing ten years before. The fashion is not new, but
> I was asking some historians about it a week ago, and I heard
> myself asking,
> "What is the origin of those quilty jackets?"
> And hearing the reply,
> "They've been around Europe for at least 100 years. They're
> hunting jackets."
> I was, of course, enchanted by this answer.
> 2.
> A quilt is an American patchwork cover for a bed that has a warm
> stuffing carefully stitched in place. The 48 continental United
> States, with their double trails of slime, would seem to be at
> the edge of the name Quilty.
> 3.
> The upholstered, stuffed, and robustly padded nature of a
> certain kind of poshlust', specifically as described by N in his
> comments on the hero of Gogol's DEAD SOULS, would seem to apply
> to Quilty (as to M'sieur Pierre), and also to be embodied in his
> name.