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There is no reason to suppose Quilty's name a pseudonym, and since HH
> to indict him as the villain of the piece, every reason to assume that he
> would have chosen not to spare his name.
> BB

Dear Professor Boyd,

Why, then, is "Vivian Darkbloom", who, according to John Ray Jr., PhD, has written Quilty's biography, a pseudonym, as also indicated by John Ray Jr., PhD? How could disguising the name of the author of a biography of a correctly named playwright save anyone's anonymity? Come to that, if, as Dr Ray tells us, we can look these events up in the newspaper, we would surely learn the true name of HH. He dies before facing trial, but his arrest would have been reported.

Incidentally, do YOU have any idea why the hotel in Kubrick's film is "The Hunted Enchanters"? That would be Nabokov's doing, if anyone's, wouldn't it? Nobody responded when I asked this a few months ago.

Best wishes,

Anthony Stadlen