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Fw: CALL FOR PAPERS: Vladimir Nabokov, Private Investigator
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> Vladimir Nabokov, Private Investigator:
> Detective Stories, True Crime, Espionage Fiction, and Film Noir Influences
> For the Vladimir Nabokov Society's annual session at the meeting of the
American Literature Association―held this year in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
on May 22-25, 2003―I seek papers on detection and crime in Nabokov's work.
Possible topics might include Poe's influence; parodies of the detective
genre; crime, detection, and punishment as organizing principles in
Nabokov's fiction; his treatment of murder, assassination, rape, treason,
"un-American activities," and other acts; his references to actual crimes;
and his allusions to film noir or other accounts of criminality and
detection in American popular culture.
> Please send queries or abstracts (250-word maximum) to Susan Elizabeth
Sweeney by Friday, January 24, 2003.
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