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Fw: LOLITA reference in John Calapinto's novel ABOUT THE AUTHOR
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> From Chapter 6 of John Colapinto's sprightly novel of literary envy and
> power of celebrity, ABOUT THE AUTHOR (2001). The "panther-thin"
> narrator Cal Cunningham is a wannabe (but perpetually blocked) writer.
> he recollects his early tour of literature, all in an effort to gain his
> mother's approval:
> "Eschewing the TV sitcoms that today form the foundation for the
> unconscious of my generation, I devoted myself, beginning at age eleven,
> ploughing through my mother's bookcases. Stealing up to my bedroom with a
> handful of her broken-spined paperbacks, I would puzzle for hours over the
> exploits of Yossarian, Caulfield, Angstrom and Portnoy, understanding
> but pressing doggedly on, working my way through the shelves that lined
> suburban Minneapolis home. With puberty, understanding and appreciation
> began to dawn (though with distortions owing to my age: at thirteen, for
> instance, I developed an anguished crush on Dolores Haze, who was, after
> all, only one year younger than me when her stepdad first fondled her). At
> fourteen, I essayed my own first efforts at fiction."
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