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Fw: p.s. to my reply to Mr L.
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> p.s. I forgot the problem with the barn message. It doesn't add up. I may
> a crackpot, but my arithmetic is sound enough.
> I take Kinbote very seriously. As an alternate personality he is ignorant
> much, but also would know more about Shade (the relationship is the most
> intimate possible in human existence) than anyone else.
> He has taken advantage of John Shade's heart attack? nervous breakdown? in
> October of 1958 to make his move into Shade's consciousness. He was
> therefore privy to some, but not all, social encounters that Shade had
> February of 1959 when Kinbote (at first invisible), lands in New Wye. His
> descriptions of these, where he is often the center of attention, are
> certainly partially fantasy. I do not know if alternate personalities can
> have fantasy lives, I doubt it, but this is fiction and some allowances
> be made.
> Another question for my list: Why does Kinbote address a doctor in at
> one of the later notes? Who is he talking to?
> I don't accept that Nabokovian precedent has any place in solving the
> of Pale Fire. If it does, Nabokov was not as good a writer as I have
> believed.