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EDITOR's NOTE. Phil's Photos were among the memorable hoaxes on NABOKV-L.
Jeff Edmunds (of ZEMBLA fame) did several marvellous Vn spoofs whixh evolved
into his on-going novel on ZEMBLA. One chapter was even translated and
published in a major Russian literary journal.

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> In l999, I submitted an item to the N List from my
> reading of art auction catalogs. In a literary auction
> catalog I found a letter of Jack Kerouac who praised
> Nabokov's "divine solipsism." Don Johnson posted
> the item. I was new to the List and decided to be
> impish. I remembered Nabokov saying something to the
> effect of "I do not garden, I do not cook, I do not
> drive, and I do not type." I also remembered his fight
> and eventual breakup with Edmund "Bunny" Wilson.So I
> made up the notorious Wilson/Nabokov Photographs. I
> submitted them to Don Johnson and said I found them in
> an obscure art auction catalog. The photographs were
> supposedly taken by Wilson.
> Lot 55
> B/w photograph of Nabokov driving a red sports car
> convertible with the top down. Car bears vanity
> license plates "LOLITA."
> Price: $2,500
> Lot 56
> B/w photograph of Nabokov cooking with Julia Child in
> her Cambridge kitchen. They seem to be making a Filet
> of Beef Wellington.
> Price: $l,500
> Lot 57
> B/w photograph of Nabokov planting delphiniums.
> Price: $l,000
> Hope you enjoy the Funny Fotos!
> Phillip Iannarelli
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