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>As with Lucette and Lolita, Hazel's
>own point of view, never explicitly
>given, is ours to imagine. We must
>imagine it, or she will not exist;
>but it is all there. The book demands
>that we imagine it. As Lolita's own
>story and inner life is ours to tease
>from LOLITA, Hazel's point of view is
>the book behind the book.

This entire post is compelling. VN, within the limits of poem, does build a sufficient case for Hazel's suicide. I felt, nonetheless, on recent rereading, that, even if this is the case, Hazel's suicide/death is too pat and too melodramatic to be intentional. Such intention is not VN's natural approach. Clearly, she might actually have attempted to cross frozen waters without the expectation of disaster. I prefer to think that Hazel, lost, confused, depressed by her recent dissappointment, inadvertently put herself into a fatal position. This is entirely more affecting and natural an interpretation, and is consonant with VN's sympathy toward her character.