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New in Zembla (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. ZEMBLA (in the unlikely event you don't already know) is
the Society web page established and run by Jeff Edmunds at the Penn
State libraries. It contains a mass of diverse material for the Nabokovphile
including information on joining the International Vladimir Nabokov
Society and receiving its publications.
>From Jeff Edmunds <>:

(Links to new items can be found in the 'news' section of ZEMBLA.)

1. A link to Nabokov Under Glass, an exhibition at The New York Public
Library, which began on April 23, 1999. The on-line version includes many
images of items includes in the exhibit.

2. Information on _Véra's Butterflies_, a wonderful book by Sarah Funke
describing first editions by VN inscribed to his wife, published by Glenn
Horowitz Bookseller, Inc. The book includes contributions by Brian Boyd,
Stephen Jay Gould, Kurt Johnson, James Salter, Stacy Schiff, and Michael Wood.

3. Brian Boyd's account of the recent Nabokov Centenary Festival in St.
Petersburg, Russia. (Which first appeared here on NABOKV-L several days ago.)

4. "Poetry, Exile, and Prophetic Mystification in 'Vasiliy Shishkov'
(1939)" by Maxim D. Shrayer. This long essay, excerpted from Shrayer's
recent book _The World of Nabokov's Stories_, examines in detail the
genesis of the story "Vasiliy Shishkov" and discusses Nabokov's poetry and
its reception in émigré circles in the 1930s.