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Podvig and Priglashenie na kazn' translated into Estonian (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Grigori Utgof Utgof <> was one of the
organizers of the Jan. 1999 Nabokov conference in Tallin that launched the
Nabokov Contennial year. Nabokov's Estonian translator, Rein Saluri, is a
longtime NABOKV-L subscrier.
This is the book that is to become a bestseller:

Vladimir Nabokov. Kutse tapalavale [Invitation to a Beheading].
Kangelastegu [Glory]. Translated from the
Russian by Rein Saluri. Tallinn: Kupar, 1999.

Note: Apart from the novels mentioned, there are three other
Nabokov novels available in Estonian. Incidentaly this is the first
Estonian edition published by arragement with the Estate of Vladimir