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EDITOR's RESPONSE. The Boyd/Pyle book referred to below is not yet out. I
shall inform the list as soon as it is available.

From: "Bouazza, Abdellah" <Abdellah.Bouazza@COMPAQ.COM>

I placed an order with Barnes & Noble well before its publication , but I
have not been able to secure one copy of NABOKOV'S BUTTERFLIES: UPUBLISHED
AND UNCOLLECTED WRITINGS, edited and annotated by Brian Boyd & Robert Pyle.
B & N stated: "We have made several attempts to fill your order but,
unfortunately, we have not been successful. The titles listed below are not
available in any of our warehouses and we were unable to process them
directly from the publisher."
This strikes me as very odd, considering how recent this publication is. Can
anyone confirm this?
I would be grateful to anyone who can help me obtain one copy, either by
providing me with the publisher's address or otherwise.

Many thanks in advance,