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Re: Nabokov and Evreinov and VN Bibliography (fwd)
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EDITOR'S note. Yuri Leving <>is one of the scholars
doing the notes and annotations for the excellent in-progress Russian
Nabokov published by Symposium. in SpB.

> My question regards articles comparing Nabokov
and Evreinov. > Do you know of other work such as that, and
> even more challenging is whether it can be found in Russian language?

There is a detailed and stimulating article on Nabokov-Evreinov connection by S.
Senderovich and E. Shwartz, "Starichok iz evreev (Kommentarii k "Priglasheniy na
kazn'" Vl. Nabokova) // Russian Literature. (Holland). 1998. Pp. 297-327.
New bibliography:

1. Yu. Leving, "V. Nabokov v Ierusalime (Istoria nesostoiavshegosia vizita)" //
Jerusalem in Slavic Culture. - Ljubljana: Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts;
Jerusalem: Hebrew University, 1999. - (Jews and Slavs; vol. 6), Pp. 373-387.
(A Russian language version of the article that originally appeared in The
Nabokovian 37, 1996).

2. Yuri Leving,"Nabokov, kotoryi riadom. (Pis'ma k S. I. Rozovy: 1945-1976)" //
Ierusalimskii zhurnal, 2, 1999, Pp. 142-160.
("Nabokov Next Door" (Letters to S. Rosoff quoted) in "Jerusalem Review").