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Call for Proposed MLA 1998 VN Panel topics (fwd)
From: Donald Barton Johnson <>


Each year the International Vladimir Nabokov Society as an Allied
Organization of the MLA presents two panels at the Annual MLA Convention.
One of our panels traditionally focuses on a particular theme, work,
approach, etc; the other is "open." The Society is now soliciting
proposals for the topic of the 1998 (NB!) session. Please note that this
call is for a topic for he panel, NOT a call for submission of paper
proposals. Please send suggested topics by either e-mail or regular mail
to me at the address below and/or to Prof. Ellen Pifer, English Dept.,
University of Delaware, Newark, Del. 19716-2537 by 1 July 1997.

D. Barton Johnson, President
International Vladimir Nabokov Society
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