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VNBIB: Livry, "Nabokov's Maenadism"
[Notice of the following article was just sent in: "Nabokov's Maenadism"
by Anatoly Livry, in the proceedings of the "11th Andreev Readings". The
article does not appear to be accessible online, but its table of
contents is linked below. The description asserts that the article is
about "forbidden themes" in Nabokov scholarship. -SB]

А. Ливри, "Менадизм Набокова", c. 248-264 , о "запрещённых темах
набоковедения". Материалы Одиннадцатых Андреевских чтений / Под
редакцией Н.Т. Пахсарьян. — М.: Экон, 2013. , с. 359 - 367.

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