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on C.Kunin messages: painting, myopic, pada ata
Mike M replies to Carolyn:

The ageless painting: I only called it a joke because the 16th century
source was a joke book.

Myopic, yes, dirty windows is probably it.

Re pada ata, at the moment I have time only to mention one point, and
this deals with the problem in your terms. (Ultimately I think the
solution lies elsewhere). Still, you wrote
"There should be 63 letters and 17 breaks, but there are only 61 letters
and 16 breaks."
Remember that after the final message, "told", Hazel would have
continued to try to elicit a response from the light, as she wouldn't
have known that it had given up the ghost. So that failure would be the
seventeenth no-result. Which still leaves you two letters short.

Re the rat: the only other thing that popped into my head was that 'rat'
in German means advice, or counsel. Since Charles is considering
recruiting legal representation ... but how does that implicate Southey?
No, drew a blank there.

Mike M

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