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Re: lammer
Re: [NABOKV-L] Ardis tap waterAlexey Sklyarenko:[to SKB: lammer = I need help here! So many possible allusions?] Cf. : "Vivian Darkbloom ('Notes to Ada'): lammer: amber (Fr: l'ambre), allusion to electricity."

Jansy Mello: "lammer" in ADA is also related to Sir Walter Scott's novel and to the Donizetti opera it inspired: " Lucia de Lammermoor." Perhaps SKB was referring to modern terminologies and slangs related to computer technologies and practives ( the lammers and the hackers?)

Amber is a recurrent term (such as the thrifty ant emprisoned or embalmed in it, in PF. In "Bend Sinister" there is a connection bt. Ember and amber*), as are VN's variations on "water language", aquatic experiences and electricity - all of them generating a wide range of insufficiently explored allusions, or so it seems to me...
A.S's information about the relation bt. "ambar and the Russian for barn" is fascinating**.

*- "He found his spare glasses and then the familiar number with the six in the middle resembling Ember's Persian nose, and Ember put down his pen, removed the long amber cigarette-holder from his thickly pursed lips and listened."
** - I wonder if ember/ambar/barn has any significative association to the "burning barn" in ADA

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