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Submitted by dmitry_kirsanov on Sat, 01/06/2018 - 17:08

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There's a noticeable delay in viewing the entries between Pre and Post Log-in. Here the screenshots.

Before Logging In
Pre Log-in
After Logging-in
After Logging in


Also, as I had mentioned in an email to Mr. Kirsanov, Issue No. 18 of the Nabokovian is missing or not accessible for some reason. .

Thanks for reporting, but looking at it now I can't confirm your reports.

https://thenabokovian.org/people-in-nabokovs-life looks the same to me regardless of whether I'm logged in, and it contains all the names in both your screenshots. Probably your browser just had cached an old version of the page before your own edits to it, and was showing it to you when not logged in. When in doubt, use hard refresh by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R (in Chrome or Firefox).

No 18 is currently available both as text and as PDF at https://thenabokovian.org/nabokovian-back-issues/18-1987-sp.


Okay, thanks for replying. So, the problem is from my end? I'll confirm and report some other time. 

And one more thing I can't seem to access Issue No. 18 for some reason, going through the link in the Nabokovian: Journal Back Issues and scrolling down to No. 18, I get "You're not authorized" message, (the rest of the links for the issues are fine!)

And using the link that you posted right now - I get the "Page not Found" massage. Hard Refresh doesn't seem to be working. I used all three browsers, Chrome, Firefox and IE to no avail. Can you mail me the PDF? Or is there a workabout?

Actually, you were right, I could only see the No 18 as admin, regular users couldn't access it. Sorry for not noticing this before. It was because the page was accidentally "unpublished", I fixed that now.