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DVN, 1934-2012
In commemoration of Dmitri Nabokov's passing, I'm pausing the forwarding
of ordinary messages; the few that came in recently will wait until late
today for forwarding. I know that Dmitri Nabokov was a great and
generous help to many on this list in their research, in addition to
being an extraordinary translator, preserver, and extender of Nabokov's
literary heritage. His goodness and his presence as an intimate link to
Nabokov will be deeply missed.

It is somehow incredibly apt that in the early hours this morning,
before the news reached me, I was rereading "Signs and Symbols" and
Alexander Dolinin's article on it in preparation for this morning's
class. The two (story and reading) work together to make a perfect
image for today's (actually last night's) loss.

If others would like to post commemorations regarding Dmitri
Vladimirovich's role in their Nabokovian lives, I will post these during
the day, before resuming regular posts this evening.

Stephen Blackwell

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