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EDITORIAL: Back and forth
Dear List,

Stalwart editor Stephen Blackwell is taking a much-deserved break, while I take my turn at mouse and keyboard. I'm looking forward to hosting some good discussions over the next few months.

If you haven't sent in an a query, a sighting, or an announcement of a Nabokov publication recently, this would be a great time to do so! I also encourage you to start thinking of something to share with the List for our annual celebration of VN's birthday on April 23.

In the meantime, please keep your postings friendly, lively, and focused on VN, and help us to have a conversation with lots of voices participating, not just a few. Let others get a quick sense of the contents of a post by labeling it in your subject heading as a "QUERY," "ANNC" (for an announcement), "CFP," "SIGHTING" (for a reference to VN spotted somewhere), "BIB" (for bibliographical information about a publication on VN), "VNBIB" (for the same about a publication by VN), and, most important, "THOUGHTS" (for musings and speculation on VN's texts).

By the way, if by any chance you have second thoughts on a post you have submitted, please send a message directly to me at, not to the listserv, with something like "RETRACTION" as the subject heading.

Happy spring,


Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editor, Vladimir Nabokov Electronic Forum

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