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VN Birthday: Tip, Leaf
[Apparently the photograph did not come through, so I am reposting Jansy's birthday greeting with the photograph in an attachment as well. -- SES]

The discovery of a writer's signature and early intimations - this episode, itself, is celebratory of Vladimir Nabokov's cycle of life and death, engendering more than a poet's first patters

"the sheer weight of a raindrop. shining in parasitic luxury on a cordate leaf, caused its tip to dip, and what looked like a globule of quick-silver performed a sudden glissando down the center vein, and then, having shed its bright load, the relieved leaf unbent. Tip, leaf, dip, relief - the instant it all took to happen seemed to me not so much a fraction of time as a fissure in it, a missed heartbeat, which was refunded at once by a patter of rhymes."

Jansy Mello

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