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ANNC: booking tickets for the performance of Morn in London,
June 26/27
Dear list,

as I said in my last e-mail, I am organising two rehearsed readings of The Tragedy of Mister Morn, in
the new translation by Anastasia Tolstoy and myself, at Pushkin House in London, this June 26-27.
Tickets are now available at the Pushkin House website:

If anyone would like more details, feel free to e-mail me at:

For anyone who missed my first announcement, here, again, are details of Morn, and of the

The second of these publications is the translation of The Tragedy of Mister Morn jointly written by
Anastasia Tolstoy and me. This will be published in July by Penguin UK, and in Spring 2013 by
Knopf USA. As readers of this list will know, Morn was Nabokov's first major work, a five-act Shakespearean
verse tragedy written between 1923 and 1924; he wasn't able to publish it in his lifetime, and it only appeared
in Russian in 1997, and in book form in 2008. The play is, among other things, a subtle reflection on reflection
and the state, as well as on jealousy, desire, make-believe, and happiness. We have translated its iambic
pentameters into a loose five-stress line. I've also written an interpretive introduction to the play.

Lastly - in honour of Nabokov, I'm organising a rehearsed reading of Morn, which will take place at
Pushkin House in Bloomsbury, London, with two performances, on the evenings of June 26th and 27th. There may also
be a reading of some of Nabokov's poems and a round-table discussion of Morn. The readings are being directed by a professional,
will feature professional actors, and will be lit and involve music: that is to say, they will not be full-scale theatrical performances,
but they will be dramatic events. Tickets will shortly be available on the Pushkin House website, but I wanted to let
readers of the list know in advance in case they wanted to be in London for these. To the best of my knowledge, this will be
the first time that Morn will have had any performance of any kind since the rehearsed reading of the Russian
text which took place on March 8th, 1924, in Berlin.


Dr Thomas Karshan
Lecturer in Literature
University of East Anglia
Room: Arts 2.32
Phone: +44 (0)1603 59 7588

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