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Real Cantaboff solution
Dear All,

Cantab is the abbreviation of Cantabrigian, meaning of or pertaining
to Cambridge University...

Hugs and kisses,

Tom Rymour

Quoting Carolyn Kunin :

> On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 Frances Assa wrote: One last (?)comment on
> Kinbote associations: VN scrambled his last name to produce his
> first pseudonym: V. Cantaboff. A great name, it brings to mind
> song and buffo joking. Don't you think that the name bears much
> resemblance to Kinbote--again the letters are recycled, only an "i"
> is added, reemphasizing, perhaps, VN himself: I, Cantaboff,
> Kinbote. Fran Assa
> Serves me right for not checking the archives first - Fran Assa
> solved the V Cantaboff as a simple anagram - a simpler solution,
> and therefore superior to mine: I, V Nabacoff
> Oh, well - it was a good try,
> K Cuhih

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