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THOUGHTS: Synaesthesia
Hello all. Just returned from a trip to Santa Fe and saw some amazing
art work by an 84 year old artist who has synesthesia and paints what he
hears when he listens to symphonies and classical music. (don't know if
he listens to anything else.) And it got me wondering if he saw, as I
assume he must, everyday noises and voices the same way, i.e. patterns
of colors. And talking with my friends about Nabokov, I began to wonder
if anyone has tried to take a poem or short story of his and print it
using the color pallet he claimed to see for the letters. What would a
page of his text look like? I will try it and see if perhaps there is
any patterns or shapes, etc. or a flow of colors… In either case it will
be an interesting experiment to see what he saw as he wrote or read his

this link has some images that will give an idea of what Robert Livesy
Wells sees. Some of the canvases in Santa Fe were huge, picture window

Darryl Schade

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