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'Speak, Memory': Eckland, Liss, Kachouh: review ...

'Speak, Memory': Eckland, Liss, Kachouh: review
Kenneth Baker
San Francisco Chronicle December 18, 2010 04:00 AM

leah savitsky / meridian gallery, s.f.
"The Dream" (2010) from projected video ensemble "Encounters at the Edge of Sight" by Ruth Eckland.

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'Speak, Memory': Eckland, Liss, Kachouh: review 12.18.10

In contemporary art, a desperation to communicate often conveys merely anxiety on the maker's part. For that reason, I tend to admire the video work of Ruth Eckland, who treats communication as a side effect that she cannot hope to control: a sensible fatalism in a culture abuzz with overwrought messages.
Eckland's work anchors an exhibition at Meridian that borrows its title, "Speak, Memory," from Vladimir Nabokov's peerless memoir.


Speak, Memory: Ruth Eckland, Heike Liss, Vera Kachouh: Video and drawings. Through Feb. 12. Meridian Gallery, 535 Powell St., San Francisco. (415) 398-7229,

Sara Bright, Stella Ebner, Patrick D. Wilson: Paintings, sculpture and screenprints. Through Dec. 22. SFMOMA Artists Gallery at Fort Mason, Building A, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco. (415) 441-4777,

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