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Re: QUERY: Letters to Vera?
Yes, they're being published this year by Penguin Books, and the volume will include many that have never been in print before. A new, expanded edition of poetry is also due out this year as well, also published by Penguin.

Barbara Wyllie

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Sophie Huber writes:

Can anyone confirm the reports that VN's letters to Vera will be published
in English translation in 2011? Various sources (RIA Novosti, are
saying Knopf will publish them, yet there is no mention of this on Knopf's
website. Nor can any such book--sources are calling it "Letters to Vera" or
"Love Letters to Vera"--be preordered on Amazon.

I haven't seen the full text of the letters published by Snob (it is
available to subscribers only), but the Russian tabloid Komsomol'skaia
Pravda also claims to have the letters and has published several on their
website. They look real, for better or for worse. Can anyone in the know
comment on this, and in particular on the question of English publication?
Presumably the letters published would be different from those in "Selected
Letters" (1989)?


On Thu, 4 Nov 2010 22:18:27 -0400, NABOKV-L <NABOKV-L@HOLYCROSS.EDU> wrote:

>Rqueneau writes:
>The Russia magazine Snob has just made available online, with the generous
>permission of Dmitri Nabokov, some of the three hundred Nabokov letters
>that will be published by Knopf next year in Letters to Vera:
> The letters, of course, are
>full of fascinating content and exquisite writing. Enjoy. There is also a
>short interview with Dmitri in which he mentions that he is continuing to
>work on drafts of his autobiography. We should all encourage him to finish
>this project.

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