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Re: Jeremy Irons TV role ...
Sandy P. Klein sends:
"Jeremy Irons is 'Law & Order: SVU' sex therapist" Corinne Heller
"Jeremy Irons, who guest stars on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" on an episode airing on Wednesday, is often the go-to man when it comes to playing villains and the actor says that he enjoys portraying "enigmas." ...Irons said that his favorite among his film projects was the 1997 movie "Lolita," which saw him play a man who pursues a sexual relationship with an adolescent girl, played by Dominique Swain. The film, an adaptation of a novel by Russian-American writer Vladimir Nabokov, "did everything that a movie should do, which was to stir up people and make them question things, to dealing with a tricky subject," Irons said."

JM: I wanted to find Hawthorne's "Ethan Brand" but an unstable link carried me over to actor Ethan Hawke and to old sightings from blogs on movies:.

1. A comparison between Lumet's 2007 movie ("Before the Devil Knows you are Dead") and Nabokov's "pessimism" (seen through Sartre's eyes, in his essay on Nabokov)
btw: there must be a misquote here, for it mentions that Sartre considered Dostoievsky a spiritual forefather of Nabokov's in his essay: did he say that, in fact?

Marco de Curtis - O Inferno são os Outros: Hank (Philip Seymour Hoffman) e Henry (Ethan Hawke) .... Jean Paul Sartre em um pequeno ensaio denominado "Vladimir Nabokov: - "Jean Paul Sartre eim um pequeno ensaio denominado "Vladimir Nabokov: o engano", pergunta se se Nabokov é tão superior aos seus romances porque os escreve. Critica-lhe pelo excesso de escárnio. Atribui isso ao fato do escritor ter pais espirituais muito velhos (Dostoievski, seria o principal deles), e, de alguma forma, desrespeitar (diferente de seus "pais") seus próprios personagens, desacreditando-os enquanto descreve suas peripécias. O mesmo tipo de crítica poderia ser feita a Lumet em seu último filme. Ao final de "Antes que o diabo saiba que você está morto", tem-se a sensação de que nos encaminhamos para ver a existência humana como uma causa perdida."

"Chelsea on the Rocks": the device was a filmic structure that intertwines archival footage, interviews and narrative sequences as well as actors who are very much part of the soul of the hotel (Ethan Hawke, Adam Goldberg, Dennis Hopper). I took these stories and reunited psychiatrist/screenwriter Christ Zois (NEW ROSE HOTEL and THE BLACKOUT) who has written my last two films. The Chelsea Hotel, since it's inception, has been a place of great artistic tradition. From Twain, Dylan Thomas, Nabokov and Tennessee Williams, to Arthur Miller and Bob Dylan it was
important to create something that would be reverent to that incredible legacy. - Abel Ferrara

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