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Amis writes off star lecturer job ...

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Amis writes off star lecturer job

Author's New York move spells end of his £80,000 role for 28 hours' work at university
By Jonathan Brown

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Brooklyn's gain is Manchester's loss. Or if you number among the many that have failed to fall for the charms of Martin Amis over the years, it could equally be the other way round.

Yesterday it was confirmed that the novelist's forthcoming move to New York meant he will not be renewing his contract as professor of creative writing at Manchester University. Amis will quit his post in the summer.

Since he was appointed four years ago the controversial writer's fortnightly lectures on literary giants such as Vladimir Nabokov and Saul Bellow have been standing-room only despite some internal sniping at his £80,000 a year salary in return for 28 hours of contracted teaching.

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Amis later confirmed the decision to relocate. "We probably are moving to Brooklyn for family reasons in the summer but we'll keep a flat here," he said.

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