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> 1) Shade says Hazel had a roommate, and he should know.
> 2) Children of professors often attend the institutions at which
> their parent(s) teach--there is often a substantial discount in
> tuition
> 3) Many colleges and universities require students to live
> on-campus for at least one year
> 4) Hazel is at an age when a young people attempt to develop and
> establish an identity independent of their parents, and may
> prefer to live in a dorm or with another student
> 5) None of the above prevents Hazel from spending as much time
> at home in her "old room"--a room she never really successfully
> leaves, since she dies a "dingy cygnet," unsuccessfully fledged
> This suggestion for Hazel's living arrangements is by no means a
> stretch. Of the two sets of professors and college-age children
> I know of, both have children in college at their home-town
> institutions; both children come home whenever they feel like
> it, and will sleep in their rooms, which have not yet been
> converted to other uses.
> For those who accept this suggestion as likely, it may pose (or
> repose) another question about Shades: is their hapless
> overprotectiveness another of Hazel's difficulties?
> Even so, the Shades' fears are understandable given their
> perception of Hazel's circumstances; being overprotective does
> not make them the Sades.

Surely all this is eminently sensible.

Anthony Stadlen