EDNOTE: Phyllis Roth calls attention to an 1973 essay by Oates and its 1981 "revisionary" postscript that appeared in Roth's  collection CRITICAL ESSAYS on VLADIMIR NABOKOV (G.K. Hall).
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If anyone is interested in two comments by Oates on Nabokov, see the Critical Essays on Nabokov volume I edited a number of years ago.  Oates was very generous in re-evaluating her initial "strong opinion" of Nabokov.

Phyllis Roth


"D. Barton Johnson" wrote:

 EDNOTE:  Although it is hard to think of two more diverse writers than Joyce Carole Oates and VN both write with enormous awareness of  literary tradition. Oates has been widely translated into Russian (even in Soviet times). One of her early novels, EXPENSIVE PEOPLE, has recently been retranslated and republished there. The new translation is by  Olga Kirichenko who did a recent translation of Nabokov's ADA. Literary critic Nikolai Mel'nikov provides an extended review in the venerable journal NOVYI MIR (Nov. 2002). For Russian-reading subscribers to NABOKV-L, I have excerpted his comments on the VN-JCO connection. Those wishing to read the full text are referred to