EDNOTE. The IVNS provides a number of services to the Nabokov community. These include the scholarly print publicationsTHE NABOKOVIAN, NABOKOV STUDIES; Nabokov panels at  meetings of the MLA, AATSEEL, and other scholarly  associations; ZEMBLA, the extraordinary web site run by Jeff Edmunds, and the discussion forum NABOKV-L.  Apart from the print publications, these service are available to all interested parties free of cost, although, alas, not cost-free to the people who provide them. These activities are, for the most part,  carried out by  a small nucleus of dedicated souls.  The number of people who benefit is quite large; the number who are actually members of the Society  is pathetically small. As editor of NABOKV-L, I would urge our subscribers, some 700 of them, to join the Nabokov Society, and support its activities.  Membership inquiries should be directed to Prof. Stephen Parker sjp@ku.edu; NABOKOV STUDIES subscription queries to Prof. Zoran Kuzmanovich NabokovStudies@davidson.edu. Other queries may be addressed to me at NABOKV-L.
LASTLY, Society membership and/or subscriptions to NABOKOV STUDIES would be excellent holiday gifits. 
How Do I Join?The IVNS celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2003.

"The Vladimir Nabokov Society is dedicated to the appreciation of the writings of Vladimir Nabokov, to the exchange of views and information concerning these writings, and to the fellowship of their readers."
--from the bylaws of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society.


The current officers of the organization are as follows:

President: Charles Nicol
Professor of English
Indiana State University

Vice-President: Priscilla Meyer
Professor of Russian
Wesleyan University

Secretary-Treasurer & Editor of The Nabokovian: Stephen Jan Parker
Professor of Russian
The University of Kansas


John Burt Foster, Jr.
Professor of English and Cultural Studies
George Mason University

Gennady Alexis Barabtarlo
Professor of Russian
University of Missouri, Columbia

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Associate Professor of English
College of the Holy Cross

Julian Connolly
Professor of Russian
University of Virginia

Phyllis Roth
Professor of English
Skidmore College

Zoran Kuzmanovich, Editor
Nabokov Studies
Professor of English
Davidson College

Members join the Society by subscribing to The Nabokovian, so that there is no membership fee as such. The dues are synonymous with a subscription to The Nabokovian, which currently costs $15 per year for individuals and $20 per year for institutions. Higher rates apply to international members.