EDNote: Thanks are due to Dieter E. Zimmer for this corrective, and for his extremely valuable on-line exhibit of covers.  The root site of the link provided below includes access to many of Zimmer's valuable works, including the Nabokov Family Web (genealogy), and generous excerpts from his many path-breaking books.  Some newer subscribers might not know that Zimmer is Nabokov's translator from English to German, and he edited the Rowohlt edition of Nabokov's collected works in German.  ~SB

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Subject: 'Lolita' covers
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 07:32:37 +0200
From: Dieter E. Zimmer <post@dezimmer.net>
To: Nabokv-L <nabokv-l@utk.edu>

Perhaps it would have been useful to mention that 85 percent of the 'Lolita'
covers in Sandy Klein's posting seem to be from my online collection
http://www.dezimmer.net/Covering%20Lolita/LoCov.html because there people can enlarge
the images and tell what year, what country and what publisher they are
from. By the way, if somebody on the list owns further editions and has a
scanner, I would be very grateful if she or he would contribute to the
collection by kindly sending me high quality scans of at least 400x600 pixel
and basic information on the book or the medium. The e-mail address is

Dieter E. Zimmer, Berlin

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