Stereo Total’s Brezel Göring (left) and Françoise Cactus
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Stereo Total go loony for femmes fatales

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With songs about Patty Hearst, Lolita and dialogue from Bruce LaBruce's porn-o-lutionary skin flick The Raspberry Reich mixed in among groovy numbers about boredom and fucking, you start to feel as though Stereo Total is on a mission to rehabilitate the reputations of historically misunderstood femmes fatales.
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The woman's Lolita lust, however, goes way, way back. Before Stereo Total was a twinkle in her eye, Cactus played in a garage rock band known as the Lolitas. She insists Nabokov's novel isn't about molesting children, but the tale of a strong proto-woman who is "an actor, and a guy is the victim. It's a story of the child taking the power."
In addition to the Paris-Berlin track Lolita Fantome, Cactus has explored that fascination through the creation of a giant knit doll dubbed Woolita.
"There was a giant photo of her on the front page under the headline 'Scandale! Kinder [Child] Porno Exhibition.' It was funny for me, but not good for other people. One artist in the show was a teacher, and the paper said, 'Should a man like that teach our kids?'

"We decided to protest," Cactus continues, sounding smug. "This paper has a cultural prize every year, and we decided our puppet must win this time. We got a lot of people to sign this petition, and that was good.

"After that, Woolita recorded an album, all about wool, and started writing her life story. It's called From A Ball Of Wool To A Superstar."

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Music Clips from Stereo Total's new album Paris-Berlin:

Baby Revolution

Lolita Fantome

Patty Hearst



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