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Even though this is the Hemingway listserv...

I think that it is too easy for a reader to dismiss a gentlemanly HH
to the actions he commits. It is a testament to the beauty of Nabokov's
writing (I think) that the reader is forced to confront the degenerate
that is HH. I don't think he is a snake charmer -- rather, a
pedophilic gentleman.

Some other good gentlemen that haven't been brought up yet:

Jay Gatsby in his love of Daisy Buchanan (Mr. Lamm's argument prompted
to this example) also fits: he is attempting to steal Tom's wife,
obviously. Also, Willy Loman (if one perceives his suicide as an act
translates to a hell sentence) is a wonderful example throughout the
entirety of /Death of a Salesman/.

I'm not sure how I feel about Macomber to name him a gentleman to the
degree of Gatsby/Loman (especially Loman). Macomber's cowardly actions
him completely at odds with the "bravery" of Loman, but he may be on
with Gatsby.

My next question to the listserv would have to be define a gentleman
the sake of this discussion.

As an aside, it did come from Bennett, so it does come with a hefty
helping of bullshit.

Chris Lancaster
University of South Florida

> I can see some legitimacy in that. Oliver Mellors was a gentleman in
> private hell as the quiet lover of Clifford Chatterley's wife. van

> suffered a lifetime of hells and maintained his passion as an artist
> was the benefactor to several troubled souls in spite of his own
> poverty and illness. Humbert Humbert was, conversely, never was a
> gentleman although he was a snake charmer with his accent and his
> manners. But certainly, with the repeated humiliations that Francis
> Macomber suffered in his last few days, he maintained the qualities
of a
> gentleman to the benefit of his wife, the wretch, and his guide.
> Clint Lamm
>> Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 18:25:48 -0700> From:>
>> Subject: William Bennet's comment> To:> > Dear
>> Listers,> > I heard William Bennets speak on Book TV. He said that>
>> grandmother reminded him that > > A GENTLEMAN IS ALWAYS A GENTLEMAN
>> IN HELL.> > What is your opinion? Does this line have validity or>
is it
>> BS?> > LAB> > > >
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