I think Shde would have known this. He names the Toothwort White (Pieris virginiensis), whose usual common name has been West Virginia White. Lepidopterists, even those dissatisfied with West Virginia White who have proposed their own alternaive common names, think Toothwart White the ideal common name. Of course it's possible Shade could have heard even this name from Hentzner, but I would suspect it's his own, and that we're meant to read him as knowing the names of things to a T.

Brian Boyd

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> Matt Roth asks:
> (Btw, has anyone ever pointed out that Toothwort--the plant--specifically
> feeds on Hazel roots? I have not found this noted anywhere in Boyd or
> elsewhere).
> It is the Palearctic Toothwort, plants of the genus Lathraea, and not the
> quite unrelated North American Toothwort (Cardamine concatenata, syn. Dentaria
> lacinata) which parasitizes hazel roots. As Shade and Nabokov would know, the
> rather local Toothwort White butterfly could not feed on the flowers of this
> European family without crossing the Atlantic.
> Brian Boyd
VN would have surely known this.  Would Shade have?  I wonder how much of his
natural knowledge and "names of things" were picked up during his walks with
Hertzler, the farmer.

Sam Gwynn  

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