Dear List,
I have no idea if everyone was struck by the interesting collection of postings that reached us today:  M.Roth's additional documentation on Edsel Ford's exchanges with his publisher, RS Gwynn enthusiasm about what he read concerning VN's words on Edsel. NB: RSG noted: have heard that he praised Richard Wilbur, but he rarely mentioned anyone else born after 1915  - There are N-List postings placing VN's praise of Wilbur, please check in the list or in SO ).
What struck me most were today's postings by S.Klein on electric dreams, multidimensional invisible butterflies, plus news about Tom Rymour's forthcoming book. From Klein on Google/Translation [ Nabokov Blogoscoped] I'll bring up only a sentence which, in my haste, I read with an additional loop, one  that might not have been intended by Nabokok rebuking sin.Here it is, in splendid isolation:
" In "Lectures on Russian Literature," Vladimir Nabokov pointed out -- with wry, dry humor -- the challenges humans face translating other humans"
Congratulations Tom on your new book, "Rogue Male: Survival Guide
for the Newly Single Man," ( South African publisher Two Dogs ) and I reproduce here an excerpt by SES, where the almost vanishing "adult woman's hourglass silhouette" is mentioned because it "may have evolved because it helped men to distinguish fertile adult women from children.  Rymour cites Lolita in this context." 

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