Alexey  on Brillinger's  "Hippopotamians in Ardis": .. "Such a drought affected Hippo in the most productive months of Augustine's bishopric that clepsydras had to be replaced by sandglasses" [ADA].
Carolyn Kunin:Couldn't this be among the several references in Ada to the ancient near east? ...and that odd shaped lake?
Jansy Mello:  "Odd shaped lake"... "clepsydras replaced by sandglasses". Isn't there this odd shaped lake in Lolita called Our Glass/ Hourglass? 
[ BTW: what a wonderful metaphor about time and mortality  drips down from a reference to a severe draught that changes time-measuring  devices from water into sand instruments?]  
Coleridge's river Alph could apply to an "archetypal river"? Sir Richard Burton's texts also take us to the origins of the Nile, in a move from Mesopotamia towards Egypt.  
Hippo ( horse) brought Pegasus to my mind through references to Parnasus, Mount Ida, nymphs and, perhaps, to a fountain that sprung from the impatient hooves of Pegasus.

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