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Sandy Klein: The Original of Laura - according to Wylie, “has bee n under lock and key for years” ... 
Wylie will also be working on previously unpublished titles from three big literary estates: there's the last work from Vladimir Nabokov, The Original of Laura, which was unfinished at the time of the author's death and, according to Wylie, “has been under lock and key for years”; Robert Bolano's The Third Reich; and, from Cuban author Guillermo Cabrera, La Ninfa Inconstante.
JM: Thanks to a tip by Akiko Nakata, I was able to learn about Page Stegner and his 1966 book, "Escape into Aesthetics", which mentions the Portuguese King Sebastian in connection to Sebastian Knight. He wrote "There is yet another Sebastian whom our Sebastian resembles. King of Portugal in the fourteenth century, he was a mystic and a fanatic...His subjects, however, refused to believe him dead, and he had a number of ipersonators[...] In fact Sebastianism became a religion that migrated to Brazil with  the Portuguese settlers[...]While Sebastian Knight ruled only over literary subjects, and crusaded only for the conquest of a married woman's affections, he was, it seems, something of a mystic and did have an obscured identity, and one does wonder about the Brazil nut that V. unearthed from the recesses of his half brother's overstuffed armchair." (p.70)
At the time Stegner published his work Nabokov was still living and this is why, in his first chapter, "Backgrounds of an Artist" he only developed Nabokov's "three arcs",  inspired in SM's image of a "colored spiral in a small ball of glass, this is how I see my own life", and by VN's description ( also in SM, p.204) of "Hegel's triadic series". Stegner's three arcs were the "thetic", the "antithetic" and, then, the "synthetic" ( More recently, in 1982, we are able to follow "Nabokov's Fifth Arc", edited by J.E.Rivers and Charles Nicol, where the editor explain that "Nabokovian forms are open forms, and there is always the implicit "And so on" before they add, as the fifth, "the arc of literary history").  

Anyway, it was Stegner who mentioned (p.11) another VN novel,  "The Exploit" and added:"about which I have no information whatever. It has never been translated to my knowledge."
Query: After so many years since Stegner wrote about The Exploit this Russian novel, quite probably, has already been published, translated and appears under the same or another title, in this case it might even be one I'm already familiar with. What is it's actual title in Russian and in English?

[EDNote: The Exploit is Podvig, in English changed to Glory because VN disliked the verbal meaning of "exploit" (see the foreword).~SB]
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